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#11169 - 05/28/11 08:24 PM Re: What is 'healing'? [Re: veronique]
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Hi, lightening is hitting so will be back later. They are born that way and yes genes do play a role. I can understand your concern. be back in a bit. I hope you feel free to speak your mind here, we care and will listen and share. Many times just getting validation and seeing it in writing helps.


You won't turn into your mother, the conscience forms between 3 -5 years old so you are out of the woods on that happening.

#11170 - 05/28/11 10:53 PM Re: What is 'healing'? [Re: Dianne E.]
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Thanks for responding and it is comforting to hear. Maybe I haven't studied psychopathy as in depth as you but no matter what research I saw I wouldn't believe that they are born that way and have no choice about their actions. As a Christian I cannot believe that. Maybe they have a predisposition but I believe they have a choice in their actions. I have read that they do have some emotions and do know right from wrong but it is just muted compared to normal people. I am just worried sometimes because growing up in that environment I don't have normal emotional skills that most people have. My husband says I don't have normal emotions. I know I do have emotions but just not like other people. I don't understand them as much as other people. One of my brothers is worse than me. Sometimes I worry I am like my Mother but I just make better choices or am a better person or control myself better. I am worried having a kid will change that. I don't want to become that or lose control of how I am now. But I know it can't be true because I think if I was a Mother I would never do the things that she has done, said, or exposed us to. I just couldn't imagine doing that to my baby. It is just hard to know for sure. I always thought I was going to be crazy growing up. My grandmother isn't a psychopath but she is scarred by her mother and has paranoias and is scared of life. I'm sure my Great Grandmother was a psychopath from what I hear. She used to sell her children and beat them, etc... So I always thought it was inevitable. I lived my life by the Bible growing up because I was determined to be better. I knew whatever my Mother taught me was always wrong and I had to figure things out myself and looked to the Bible for all my answers since it was the only truth I had. If I didn't have it I am sure I would have killed myself or run away from home to who knows what.

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