I got no exCuse of "I didn't know". When we maried I knew he was a psycHopath certified by the state. I believed I could "save" him. Stupid, stupid, stupid! They never change. They are good at pretending and hiding their true motives. The thing is, as long as thEy are in control everything is fine! Nobody knows anything! The only person on this planet that knows the truth about anything is him. Everyone else is idiots. He said to me countless times "if it wasn't for you and X (my daughter) these people wouldn't be alive rihgt now". And I believe him. Now I have reached a point where I just want to leave. But how? What if he finds me? Or should I tell him I'm leaving? I'm so afraid to tell him what if he totally snaps and harms us? I don't doubt for a second that he is capable of unspeakable things. I just want me and my daughter's lives to be normal again!