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#12799 - 03/14/12 09:45 AM Re: The stare, what about the stare? [Re: NotCrzy]
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You are all too kind, it is hard sometimes to know when to pull the curtain down because the person may be in pain but if they don't fit in with our community it has to be done. It is all of you that make our community what it is and for those that are too afraid to post but come here to read. It used to be harder but we have our nice corner of the Internet and that is just how it is. Never hesitate to hit the "notify" button if you feel something doesn't sound right to you.

What he did to you is exactly how they operate, they extract the information in the "honeymoon" stage and use that very information to turn on you. You are doing the right thing, we are here for you. Remember those things when that urge hits to contact him. Then try and find that neutral spot and know you deserve so much better.


#12800 - 03/14/12 10:18 AM Re: The stare, what about the stare? [Re: NotCrzy]
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notcrzy, it takes a hell lot of time, unfortunatelly:(

I went through exactly the same. This is what they do - one side is the perfect person, the other - a monster. No normal person could possibly comprehend this...
It's always the same story - they ask for another chance, and you think they will learn, they never do. They'll make you believe they understand, but they don't give a damn, and they couldn't understand even if they wanted and tried... That's the terrible thing.

Everytime you listen to even a word coming from their mouth, you lose immediately.

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