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#13524 - 06/29/12 12:14 PM Still kind of miss him
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I ended my on-again, off-again “non-relationship” of four years with Psychopath six months ago. Since then I have had no contact, except I have to see him at work sometimes, and he acts mean. Sometimes I feel really positive and strong, yet other times I miss him and feel like I want contact. Has anyone else experienced this same thing? I have to keep reminding myself how many times he hurt me and was so bad for me.It’s almost like an addiction of sorts.

#13528 - 06/29/12 06:21 PM Re: Still kind of miss him [Re: Kiddo77]
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I think we have all felt that Kiddo. That is what makes it so hard. I have posted elsewhere here about how similar to an addiction I think it can be.

I have had no contact for many years but my last Psychopath partner recently came back onto my radar (but not me on his thank goodness).

He's married now and I wonder if I got it wrong(while being sure I didn't because there was too much evidence, from too many people, over too much time), or if she doesn't realise, or just puts up with it all regardless, or if he just got slicker, or more careful, with his act over the years?

I cannot fathom or put together how he was with me, with any woman staying with him for long, never mind marrying him, but then he always was like two different people - the mask, and the Psychopath.

Like you it was on/off with me too for about two years in all.I guess Again all likiehood I imagine she is really getting what I know was only ever a fantasy, however much I know this cannot be the case as Psychopaths do not/cannot change

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#13541 - 07/02/12 03:14 PM Re: Still kind of miss him [Re: Smokey]
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Exactly, it is very normal. Your mind wants to see good, thats just normal. Your eyes see the mess. You have to remember to use all of your senses, and especially, the instinct. The constant anxiety when youre with them, oh how that gives them away!