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#13675 - 08/07/12 01:40 AM Psychopaths‘ victims - interesting article
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The Article
Quite interesting!

#13682 - 08/09/12 07:02 AM Re: Psychopaths‘ victims - interesting article [Re: FreeBird]
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It's an interesting article Freebird, but from what I read and people I have known, I think different Psychopaths select their victims for different reasons, so this article holds very true for some, but maybe not all.

As I understand it, some want an easy target, others find the "game" more interesting, or the reward greater, to "bring down" more challenging maybe also depends if they are after money, or power, or both. Money is more quickly obtained from an easier target but controlling a stronger target and reducing them to less than they were gives far greater power.

Of course that is rather simplistic, but I hope you see what I mean. smile

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