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#13176 - 04/30/12 07:38 PM Re: When you spot your psychopath after it all... [Re: FreeBird]
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I can so relate to you guys! My ex psychopath was going to have his new victim move in with him while I was still dating and engaged to him behind my back!....She ended up going back with her husband and so he stayed with me and made up some lame excuses....of course it was all about me not loving him enough or something like that...but, yeah...he was going to tell me (cause I asked him what were you going to tell me if she did move in)...sorry things just aren't working out!!!and I stayed for another year and a half....with other victims as well..........cant we just castrate these monsters!

#13192 - 05/02/12 02:22 PM Re: When you spot your psychopath after it all... [Re: becky]
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This is exactly what they do. They feast on you, and whenever you stop feeding them they start looking for a new victim. But what my Psychopath did amazes me to this very day. He turned his reality 180 degrees around. I feel that he had to destroy me, no one would ever do what he did to me without such a purpose. It suited him to make me look crazy so that he can move on to another victim.

I remembered just yesterday how I felt at that crazy time. I was leaving him because I was out of any patience. I didnt want to be with him anymore and told him many times this was over. However, I couldnt hurt him even with all the crazy stuff he did, I just couldn‘t. When he saw that he cannot control me anymore he changed totally. I became the woe. He started by treating me mean, screaming at me, criticizing every single thing I did, devaluing everything I did. I felt like my ground was falling apart, literally. I could not understand a single thing. Of course he told me everything was my fault coz I (SIC) lied to him! Only to follow that statement with 'It is not your fault'.

They really dont understand these words, so no wonder they never use them right. (Hare's Without COnscience has a whole chapter on this).

Thinking about this made me realize and important thing - I was fine and freeing myself about a month before the Psychopath turned the world around. Then after that I was miserable and lost like never. He was able to crush my world within days... He made me believe he was the next best thing and that I lost something amazing...
And it still affects me. I still have to fight it because I have moments when I forget who he was and think that maybe this what he said about me and told me is true...

He made me believe I was crazy, and then told everyone he knew I was... And all these things he was saying for 2 months to me, and after that, it still hurts so much...

#13692 - 08/12/12 07:45 AM Re: When you spot your psychopath after it all... [Re: FreeBird]
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I'm only new here and just come out into safety, I saw the psychopath two days ago I believe now with his visa bought new one his face was in anger not smiling stared ahead like he didn't see me pissed off! Hers was I'm sorry to say just dumb no real expression. Yes I've experienced the same the last one a girl he was to marry because I was just the hoare for three years sorry I put that wrong I'm Delilah and he is sampson oh yep you heard right he acts scenes from the bible when he discards it's interesting but myself three years with one year exact to the season over here the stalking occurs his last girlfriend the same three years and a year of stalking in my time frame 6 different girls 1 underager 1 to be married she just got released from rehab word on the street he drugged her bad with animal tranquilisers took her virginity then showed a group of youths who reported him he got off through his discipleship of ministry of having the best interests as she self harms and is a crazy one. The sadness I feel for you as well as understanding the grief. If it's any consellation since reading your threads articles I realised in a abrupt way I havnt dreamt all this there are others as far away like me and you cannot imagine how isolated I am I thank you so much for having the courage to post your feelings it's given me strength you will never believe I got out of my room for two days as I read this forum I realise too I'm in recovery thank you so much for some truth.

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