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#13871 - 09/24/12 12:42 AM Is there ever any justice
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Unfortunately it seems all my attempts to try and gain any type of small amount of justice has not been succesful from what I see psychopath I have been dealing with still to this day is prancing around Scot free. I just thank this site for giving me the courage to speak out and keep learning. The best scenario still is no contact with any of them. I have definately made improvements in my life from this awful experience and never will return to the lies. I'm on my way out packing and probebly never return to the little town once my home now just want to go. The gf whom self harmed remains away in safety I do not know if she placed charges. My case has been documented etc but the best I could do is tell someone think it's just best for me to go and start anew. I've ran into psychopath again this time I just pretend it doesn't exsist it's easier that way. I feel very grateful to this site I would never had known any psychopath insight thank you people

#13873 - 09/25/12 03:43 PM Re: Is there ever any justice [Re: Whitefeather]
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Unfortunately it is extremely hard to win with a psychopath. For me it didnt matter though, I did what I could do and thats what counts for me in the end. I dont feel like I lost anything even though I had to pay for it. Whats important is that I SAID AND DID AS I THINK. And if the courts and society thinks its ok to let these people free and let them do what they are doing then, well, "their children will be next".

Im just happy I no longer feel responsible for anything he does. I did what I could.

Anyways guy, bad news on my side - my boss is a psychopath, and I am 100% sure of that. What scares me a little is I saw the signs and still didnt react well enough, but what I think is my great success is that I could, later on, see clearly what he was doing. I recognized the fear and all those emotions that you have when dealing with a psychopath. I was able to not be threatened, to act without the defense mechanisms.

Unfortunately that doesnt mean I get to defend myself, it only means I know what to do - get out and get out ASAP. And so I did.

And you know what? I lost my job, but I feel great! No anger, no sadness, nothing!
Just plain simple feeling that I DID WHAT I KNOW WAS BEST FOR ME - I just got out. No feelings.

And that, my dear friends is something I hope for all of you, who havent found it yet - gain your strength from the knowledge, it is all you can do! We cannot spot them but we can act in a way that protects us from them! And at the end- run! Run your a... up!