I've posted many times especially when I was in absolute confusion over a psychopath involved in a church. My life has turned around for the better through months of counselling and no support from anyone. One of the main things I learnt was the no contact thank god! My last post still waiting for a bit of justice the psychopath I had spent four years with and indeed many many problems I'm learning they are not mine. My last encounter was with psychopath parents of which I started no contact as well. I never thought that they all would try again but they did! He was in serious trouble dealing drugs through a workplace and stealing also put a local girl whom has a sex problem anyways she went to police for sex abuse, I was probably on the inside hopeing he would finally get what he deserves but he now is on the run hiding but also the girl he abused in the past he now wants to marry again yes now his accomplices and church are defending him I'm sorry I just can't wait to leave. I will not consort with criminals whether I've known them for a while I've been in a long term breakdown and battled infections because of the lies sex and his drug use. It's now been so many months not one person came to see if I was really ok my few friends yes but I remain in isolation for my own safety I'm not agrophobic I get out there but I'm totally avoiding these people. Isn't it fascinating and unfair in the early days I mentioned police, doctor etc all involved with this they still to this day don't want to put this evil person away or are a part of it. I cannot say too much anymore from yes a case of little town syndrome I've been called names and unstable what a joke. My counsellor has documented a lot and also we consulted a solicitor but because it's my word against his and theirs I don't have a leg to stand on if I want to put avo I can but I just want to go. The last victim only weeks ago I pray even though she is a girl who is tormented herself I hope the police take it yo court. How has he got away with all of this I will never know. My home is bare and were just on the brink of moving. I've read so many positive things here I just hope they happen to me. A long post again but I hope someone reads it maybe understands it, I will find it very hard to have anything to do with church groups or even trust the law again but I'm glad I've learnt. I hope I get the peace I deserve after all this I just can't believe he has got away with so much at least some of his victims turned survivors spoke out I'm truly hopeing he will not get away with this last girls abuse I'm sure he go for the drugs and theft I am staying right out of the way I do not trust him at all or his people wish I had a positive post but I don't.
Thanks for listening bye