Sorry if this info is located somewhere at this site, but I didn't see it when searching.

Have there been any TV programs, documentaries, etc. to make the subject of psychopaths (via similar names as well - Psychopaths, narcissists, serial bullies, etc.) more widely available to the general public? It seems that most people find the books and info primarily by searching for help when their situations are desperate and already long-term. I'm a senior citizen and I've been living and working among psychopaths - relatives, bosses, coworkers, neighbors, "friends", spouse and other romantic partners - all of my life. Many times for many years I seriously considered suicide because my situations were so desperate. Only last year did I actively start researching my own daughter's behaviors, and my research led me to personally (I'm not a professional) conclude that so many people in my own life were/are psychopaths. I say "were" because some of them are deceased.

I think this information should be widely & frequently available on TV and wherever it would get the most attention, including the internet where people will see and hear about it without actively searching for it. The majority of Americans seem highly addicted to TV, and so TV seems to be the best media to introduce it to the public, and to spark recognition and interest in people.

We victims of Psychopaths who want to help other victims are usually in no position to help them because we seem crazy to them, and because there is no trust between or among us, and we are isolated in our own hells of silence and suspicion and mistrust. It's agony to be so isolated and to be helpless to help the ones who need it the most, especially children who are under total control of the Psychopaths.