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#16197 - 01/06/14 08:27 AM Do Psychopaths recognize each other?
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Does anyone know if Psychopaths recognize the psychopath in each other? I've read that they have social hierarchies and that they will tolerate and/or use each other for their specific goals, including playing each other as well as non-psychopaths against each other. I know they will use anyone they can, and that like attracts like, but I wonder if they actually recognize their own "species".

My Psychopath daughter has long been mimicking her evil step-mother (who, I now believe, is a Psychopath) who is such a phony, so it seems ironic that a phony will mimic another phony based on her belief that it makes her appear normal. When they are together they look and sound so ridiculous, and as though they are psychological identical twins. They use the phony perky party girl voices and mannerisms that such creatures use to convey the false appearance of being fun and interesting and popular when in actuality they are very dull - except for the danger of being what they really are. Also, they vacillate from being cutesy little popular party girls to being barracuda banshee bitches. Not many people seem to notice the obviously phony behavior; so many are charmed by them. Of course you never hear about or from the victims they left behind, or the smart folks who weren't attracted to them at all and so steered clear of the Psychopaths.

#16202 - 01/06/14 04:41 PM Re: Do Psychopaths recognize each other? [Re: water]
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I don't know if they know they are Psychopaths I think it's more like the recognize a uniqueness in themselves and notice that some people are special like them. The last Psychopath I was involved with got very attached to an N and believed she was a very special human being because she understood him so well. The Psychopath's pattern always is to use and discard so ant Psychopath to Psychopath relation ship IMO would be explosive and short lived....