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#16972 - 09/05/17 04:25 PM Re: Adopted Child & RAD [Re: DadofRad]
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Thanks very much for all your work in this area, I know there are people out there who really need this information and your list will really help people with their struggle and at least know where to start. I am not sure if we will get parents to comment because it is always more complicated but if you look at the views people are reading. There is a way for people who don't want to register etc. to see what the latest posts are. I don't remember how to do it so perhaps we can figure that out so people in their own privacy can follow any new conversations if they don't want to register. If you do want to register the software will keep track of what posts have been read. If you don't for your own reasons want to register we will sort out how to search on the forum to see the latest comments. If you do register know that this is private software and I never went the free software route because that way it would make it impossible for information to remain private. These days it is simpler than in the early years because you can create new email addresses. I also suggest if you want your privacy to keep your history on your browser cleared off and log in each time and don't select to stay connected.


#17104 - 06/23/18 05:38 PM Re: Adopted Child & RAD [Re: Dianne E.]
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Interesting day yesterday. The client hasn’t given me a final offer yet, so I did not announce anything, I think they are waiting for the background check to clear. However, the main client lead mentioned to my psycho boss that I would be leaving and what were they planning to do about it. He was shocked and then came to me with BS about “you should have told me, I could have written a reference. It makes us look like we don’t have good relationships….” Really, after the way he has treated me??? Knowing my son, I would guess this guy doesn’t have a clue. In his mind, he has done nothing wrong or counterproductive, he is a saint in his own mind and he believes everyone likes him. If anyone has a problem with him, it’s obviously their issues. In the meantime, I know he’s probably had half a dozen HR complaints against him, and I should have filed about half a dozen more, but was too afraid to. Maybe I made the right choice in light of what I knew about him, my own PTSD, and the level of manipulation he had already spun against me. Maybe I should have stood up and kept him accountable. He’s a coward so he probably would have backed down, but then tried to sabotage me covertly. It is interesting that I know that for the first year (I’ve had two with him) he made every effort to make me look bad in front of the client, my peers, and even vendors. The client saw through it and made me as their first choice in this management job. I do feel vindicated and thankful. I do believe God had a hand in it and made a potentially disastrous career killer into a career launcher because I chose to persevere instead of give up or fight back.

Regarding my son, he continues to have good days and bad days and usually cycles with good months and bad months too. He just recovered from a very bad month or two in April and May and has improved since then. But the courts and therapists keep looking for reasons and there just are none except for he’s a psycho who needs regular med management. I try to explain that and even provide all the behavior reports from the last 5 years that show the randomness of his behaviors, but they always want to try to identify triggers.

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