Last night things escalated with Psychopath, after binge drinking suddenly became paranoid as Psychopath usually does, did not want to clm down and stop the arguments which were all lies and distorsions which led to aggresivenes. Psychopath took the dog locked him in his room, stating that were hurting him .. seemingly Psychopath is dangerous as we never imagined he started abusing an animal now.

He thrown me on the bed, has left marks on my chest, straggled my neck and punched me, all this after spitting me in the face and verbally abused another member in the family threats were pretty nasty too)

Police came, did nothing, he left home and to be sincere I am afraid things will escalate, so for now i will keep my room locked until we find a way to evacuate him. The law is basically the only tool now to have him out of here based on all the records we have (he has a diagnosis as well)

Its hard to make such decisions but no one can live like this. He is very manipulative, lies, distorts, consumes alcohol but the aggression is way too much, I have PTSD and anxiety through the roof.

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