rI'm laying in my comfortable bed. I have 3 healing critters around me. I feel warm, peaceful and relaxed from the past few weeks.

Although my journey was short, I am bipolar and have had a lot of healing under my belt.

I kept fighting my intuition around "The Beast". If he were not a Psychopath, he'd probably still be around. My intuition was screaming at me to pay attention. That people who do drugs, drink beer and lie about their military service. I am a veteran as well.

He never used those benefits. I asked him why once and his reply was that he didn't need the red carpet rolled out for him, this is a huge red flag. Medical expenses are very expensive. He also informed me that he'd been a sniper, rank lieutenant who was awarded the "silver star" medal. The only 2 people who can sign that order is the president or his VP. I so I bought some stuff that never could be true. I bought all this hook, line, and sinker.

He also said he couldn't be on the property of the corner store...that he had been banned. I actually fell for this man's word. I asked him about that and he stated that "the guy was an asshole". Makes lots of sense (not).

It finally culminated into what he calls "anything goes day". Yeah, anything goes for him, and not for me. I got assaulted. I was a mess after that. Sweating, dizzy, numb and all the nasty things say he was going to do to me and then, wham, up against the wall, thrown against the wall. A rude comment "do I have to roll you over too." Told him to stop. Was crying like a baby...he stopped, then he started again and he made sure I wouldn't like it.

Since then I have gone to the grocery store, changed the locks, taken a hot shower and am now taking it easy. The soreness and bruising sucks. This board is great. Still exhausted but have cancelled all appointments for the next few days.

Thank you for reading this.