Met my Psychopath last month (a short time I know, but thanks to my big heart, I attracted one years ago). I've been at this a while I guess (unfortunately).

Anyway, I got sucked in, I knew I was getting sucked in but that trauma bond had already formed before I knew it. Things moved fast, real fast. But I also figured out the Psychopath was a Psychopath a lot sooner than the first time. I knew what was going on but still felt like I couldn't say "no". I felt like his puppet and that my life was no longer within my control. It was terrifying.

I finally got the nerve up (with the help of my apartment's security department) to gather together anything that belonged to "The Beast", and set it outside next time he left to go outside. I worked, however, he knows where I live. I'm very careful now...dogs, pepper spray, more keen to what's going on around me.

Bottom line... I'm really scared of this guy. I want to just move on, but the healing is taking longer than the relationship lasted...even though it was super fast, it was still just as terrifying had it been a LTR.

How did you all deal with this fear?