Hi everyone,
Great to be here. About 6 months ago I started dating my bf and he is truly the love of my life. My past relationships were with men who were emotionally and mentally immature. They felt love was similar to today's relationships. Which I believe they are not. Relationship going great and everything was fine until one day my bf's brother girlfriend/fiance decides to contact my ex on social media. He tells her various lie's. That I'm a lesbian, that I have a STD, and that I'm a gold digger. I use people. The girl goes and tell's my current bf parents and sister at a family get together and they confront my bf. Of course he takes my side and put's everyone in their place. Beside's the humiliation I'm wondering what is this girls problem. She seems off and everyone wonders about her. His brother wife died last year and he dated her very soon afterwards. Lot of people don't care for her but she never makes sense when comparing stories. You will think you had a general conversation with her and she will tell people your close. She does things like she's in competition with me and bf. Me and bf told people we getting married in December or Jan, now they plan to get married in December and set a date. My bf didn't like her cause he knows she dated his brother friend and when they broke up harassed him and the new girl who is now his friend wife. They didn't invite her but invited his brother to the wedding because of the harassment, and the brother refused to go. She seems manipulative and dominant. She's always telling him what to do. He is a widower but I've heard her complain about him being down and upset about everyday life. She said the one day she needed to be sad about her dad he was sad, and that drove her crazy. After the incident she pulled by contacting my ex I just don't know what to think about her. I think she felt the family was liking me too much so she had to put a end to it. Too bad my bf doesn't care what anyone says and they quickly apologized once they realized he knew me and everything that happen in my old relationship. I find her to be sick and impulsive. It's like she does nice things to show you "look I'm good enough" or look what I can do. I don't feel she is ever genuine. I don't know how I will be able to deal with her for the rest of my life. Seeing her turns my stomach.