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#16636 - 09/26/15 09:27 PM Psychopathic Father?
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I can't believe I'm actually posting here. I feel like I'm going mad, or over-reacting or something! Deep down, though, I really think my Dad may be a psychopath.

He was physically abusive towards me when I was little.
He has a stare that he spends most of his time in. It's like a wide eyed daze, staring straight through people.
He has a frightening rage that is like a switch being flicked, for no particular reason.
He has no empathy.
He gets angry at even the most respectful criticism of him.
He has no interest in conversation that is not about him.
He belittles emotions & displays of affection.
He is always bored, yet has no hobbies. He has no interest in anything, other than singing, which he enjoys, as he is a vocalist & this brings him lots of attention when performing.
It is impossible to feel relaxed in his company. Always feel on edge, like what you see is not what you get. I feel like there is something much darker underneath. I'm frightened of what he might be capable of, if there were no comebacks, yet I feel silly for feeling like that, as much of the time he seems so normal!
He is critical of most other people
He is the life & soul of the party, yet a boring, dull, depressive, constantly fatigued, ticking time bomb, behind closed doors.
He re-writes history to suit himself
He gaslights when questioned
He puts no effort into personal relationships & seems unable to predict consequences of his actions & neglect.
The opinions of others are worthless. He is right.

However, in his finances, money is everything, & he is very pedantic over his taxes, insurances etc.
He has always held down a job. Nothing spectacular, just an average office job.
He was in the Police, & so is very law abiding, but believes he has special entitlement in other social situations, such as interrupting others, putting his needs first, telling others how they should behave etc. There are rules for everyone else, but not for him.

Could he be a psychopath, albeit a high functioning one?

Many thanks

#16658 - 10/24/15 08:52 AM Re: Psychopathic Father? [Re: JessicaPuppy]
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I'm surprised no one has replied. I'm no expert, but the Psychopath next door (book) helped me understand a lot of this condition. One thing that stood out to me from that book was that a Psychopath is an expert at gaining sympathy. Not only are they never to blame and are accusatory, but they are very crafty at making others feel they are the victim. My son is very much this way. Your father is the life of the party and beguiling to outsiders, which is similar. Does he work to actually get others on his side against you? Does he try to make it appear that it is always someone else who is to blame and elicit sympathy? I could really relate to your comments about feeling on edge and stressed whenever he is around. I could also relate to your fears and feeling guilty for having these fears. Anyway, do some more research, read some from experts and continue to ask questions. If you see a counselor, try to find a seasoned one who understands sociopathy. Itís a very complex and deceptive condition, and I have found that new therapists usually do not understand it either.


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