This election has been like no other I have witnessed in my 61 years. Unfortunately or fortunately ( pending on who you ask). My researching this topic for 20 years has made me hyper aware like never before. More than ever people need to understand what putting these people in power can do. And before anyone thinks I am only talking about Trump, I am not. We have had other Narcicissts in office before, but their goals are not usually destruction, But 10% of these disordered people DO have destruction and dominance as their goal. That is where people need to be more educated. Anyone can can promise anything, the character of WHO they are should always what matters first. I am not talking about personal failings, like affairs...I am talking about what their morals will let slide while in power. If Trumps best buddy is a convicted child molestor, I guarantee it will effect things like concern for human trafficking etc. there is a nasty underbelly in this world and we don't want it sanctioned by voting in someone who is only about their own needs and power. Hope to get some other feedback on this.