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#16807 - 09/16/16 12:07 PM Does anyone have an explanation for this?
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I've lived all over the U.S., had friends and neighbors from all different backgrounds, but while I occasionally met jerks, I've never seen or experienced this on such a widespread scale- it's virtually everybody. Individuals I've known here are in all adult age groups, male and female, a variety of racial/ethnic backgrounds, so there doesn't seem to be any "common denominator" except environment. I'm at a loss as to how to deal with it.

1. Individuals look at "their fellow human beings" not as people but as sources for whatever they happen to want.
2. While they 'act nice' when they want something, at other times they make it clear they do not like the people they take advantage of.

And on the few occasions when I politely used the word 'no' or variations, the individuals got downright vicious. It's like they fully believe they are entitled to other people's resources.

Any input?

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#16865 - 12/30/16 04:32 PM Re: Does anyone have an explanation for this? [Re: SilverRose]
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Yes I do saying No is like shooting at them - I have seen my Psychopath go berserk over the N word. They are camouflaged as all predators are ; the others are prey. And some specialize - women are the best because they need the sympathy/ empathy to get the rush - the children are the hostages to work the woman over with.

I can remember a Christmas when he was crying because there was not enough money to buy his family nice presents. I knew he had spent the previous week out in CA with his now wife- it's all sham and although they can be hard to spot even by professionals they have one thing in common - if their lips are moving they are lying - if there is a kernel of truth it goes to the larger lie that they are a great and good person. If you think something is off- it is; don't let one back you up to a wall because the Psychopath says YOU are paranoid, insecure, rigid or cold.

I know a lot now - too bad I learned too late in life.

All I did for my Psychopath was to teach him to be better at it by challenging what he said or did -

His new wife is former FBI and dated him before and after he was in prison ( before me and rekindled ) so now there are three categories of cop --
good cop bad cop dumb cop who knew? I made him better at it and for all her professional training to include interrogation can't see it - she was attached to Homeland security - you feel safe now? They waited to marry after she retired because he couldn't pass a background search for a spouse.

Now that would be a red flag.


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