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#16820 - 10/26/16 12:51 AM Should We Quit our Non Profit?
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I own a non profit. My husband and I will potentially save 2000 lives next year. We have had so many incredible doors of open for us in just the short time we have been advocating. We have been able to accomplish things that have never been done before in this community. (I kinda feel like a psychopath posting that cool but I wanna give a picture of why this woman has targeted us. ENVY!)

However there is a woman who from the very beginning has done everything within her power to sabotage our advocacy work. It started with her just telling people around her that we were stealing money, when she figured out that we were spending our own money in our advocacy work and that could not be true she changed it to tell everyone that my husband was a stalker. When she was unable to get a restraining order on my husband for stalking, she changed her story and told the police that we had beat her and put her in a closet and now we are actually in court with her. This has been going on for 2 years and is escalating.

She has a po-dunk charity that doesnt do much at all. Very small. We have taken off for several reason mostly because God has opened incredible doors for us. SHE CANNOT STAND that we have excelled. She has dont this ONE A MUCH SMALLER scale to 6 people we know of who wanted to do advocacy work...she sabotaged them.

I KNOW that the only way to go is NO CONTACT but the thing is I have personally spent perhaps 13 minutes with her in my entire life, my husband maybe 6 minutes. How can you go NO CONTACT when there never was any to begin with? Her smear campaign has been online, through the phone....she calls all of our colleagues and other influential Authors, Drs, Grantors in the community and tells them lies about us. They have believed her because she is manipulative.

I have questions regarding the future of our nonprofit. I know the answer in general is always no contact however she is slandering us internationally and we don't even know her. It is a hundred percent because she is envious and jealous. She cannot stand that we have had so many doors of opportunity open and that our family is involved we have a beautiful family. All these things just make her absolutely envious. She has determined that she is going to destroy us. I need advice.

We have been to court with her...this is her 3rd attempt to put a restraining order on us....all others have been denied. She tried with half she is FULL FLEDGED LYING ...perjury...slander....

Should we quit our Non Profit Charity work? Should we move? I am scared? Should we sue her for slander? Will she EVER stop?

#16849 - 11/29/16 07:51 PM Re: Should We Quit our Non Profit? [Re: kaylatte]
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That's a tough story. If your charity is saving lives and this is your passion, I would not let this evil person discourage me. I'm in a no win situation at work with a psycho boss and I the same at home with a legit psycho child. Sometimes I get really discouraged and down, but I keep going for my family who needs me. As far as advise goes I would find a good lawyer. Some may work for free because you are a charity.


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