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#16978 - 09/10/17 02:42 PM My experiance
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I just wanted to ask,
Have any of you watched a movie or read a book and said "Hay that's me"?
I am watching "Rosemary's Baby" and it is uncanny how I can relate to Rosemary and what is happening to her behind her back.
That is how my life feels so much of the time.
For example:
She finally became aware of her situation after reading a book about witches.
For me, I finally became aware after reading and educating myself about the characteristics and traits of a Psychopath.
You think somethings wrong but you just blow it off because you want to be happy and look at the better side of things?

For years I have put this thought out of my mind simply because of his glib charm and empty complements.
Which I felt were so real at the time but found my self asking the question why don't I behave that way?
Is there something wrong with me that I am not constantly pawing him telling him he is the cat's meow
and most amazing person who ever set foot on the planet?

Hearing him say time & time again let go and let life happen? How I'm too up tight and worry to much.

Then my own conscience speaking out asking the question again what is wrong with him? Wondering to myself,
"doesn't everyone know that would hurt someones feelings?" Or "How could you possibly think you
can get away with that and not be caught" His reply's would sound something like this:
"I don't know what your concern is?"
And most common of all replies would be...
"Whats the matter with doing something like that" (as long as you don't get caught right?)
and tags something in a mumbled comment such as..
"If I were a Christian maybe I would worry about it but I not so why do I care?"

My marriage has given me a lot to write about over the past decade. I'm thankful that I finally feel like talking about it and reading others posts helps me to stay strong.

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Hello Jewls, welcome to our community. Due to some weather issues here things are a bit behind.

I will be back tomorrow because I do have some comments to make about your situation. I see that you saw something in the movie you were watching. Typically people have that aha ha moment but do tend to brush aside those first red flags. Do you have some red flags that you passed by in the beginning?


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I had repied to another of your posts, but did not read this one. Trying to put your story together. I take it you are married to a man who you believe is a pychopath. I take it he shows little remorse for imoral acts, and does not care about others feelings. Those are characteristics of a psycho, but also common traits in our relativistic amoral culture. If you don't mind, tell us more about his actions and attitude. Also, please review Hare's checklists on paychopaths. There are different functioning levels of psychopaths, and not all are violent or agressive. All do tend to be manupulative, calous, and uncaring, but they can learn to mimic these characteristics, making them hard to spot, without years of observation. For my son, I could not figure out for years why he did not respond to consequences, how he could continue to do behaviors that caused him to lose things we thought he valued. Then, how it could be that he really did not value anything or anyone. The only answer that made sense was he is a psychopath.


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