I really need help. We really need to promote the podcast on social media. Unfortunately, I don't have a clue how to do this. With all the expense involved in the forum, podcast etc. I am not in a position to hire an agency to handle this aspect. The podcast is growing but I know we can reach more people if they know how to find us. Over the last few years, forums have dropped off in traffic. I see the podcast as the best way to reach out to those in need.

My goal is to document what I have learned over the last 18 years from victims and psychopaths. People can't just rely on checklists. My hope with the podcast is to explain the how and why these things happen to victims. I just want to bring peace to their lives.

Daily I hear from people who have been helped by the podcast putting the pieces together. Once a psychopath gets their grip on a person it can be a long and ugly path to regain their sanity and life. If we can get them the information to understand who they are dealing with maybe the time involved with psychopaths can be shorter. AND maybe they will see the next one sooner than later.

If you have been helped in any way would you consider paying it forward and posting links to the podcast on social media?

All my best,