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#17071 - 03/23/18 01:40 AM Just escaped psycho mom
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I finally escaped from my psycho mom and it's so great being out of her apartment and away from her torture. I'm in a hotel and winding down. I'll never ever go back or give her another chance. She has kept me controlled with drugs, her emotional and financial and every type of manipulation while tormenting me my whole life. She saw that she was losing control and decided all bets were off and was even seeming about to assault me and whipped me with a phone cord after she stole my phone (which I got back) and threatened to call the cops and lie and then called me a liar...she had us all convinced my whole life that she's schizophrenic (which she's on disability for) yet can turn it on and off when she sees fit and doesn't take medication for it, including after she tried to kill me and then said she would take my youngest brother and sell him and if that failed kill all us kids about 14 years of my brothers is diagnosed with APD and is in such bad shape he might not live very long...he was her favorite on and off when we were little but now look at him...well, I'm not going to play what she finally admitted were "games" and told her she didn't want to "play" now that she sees she's losing. And she has lost.

#17075 - 03/26/18 08:21 PM Re: Just escaped psycho mom [Re: BabyBlues]
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Your story sounds horrible, but it is a little hard to follow. How did your mom control you, medicate you? How did she know she was losing control? How did your Mom try to kill you? How did you make the break from her and what risks did you face? If you have a brother with ASPD, has anyone considered that she has it too and it is hereditary? What are the symptoms of ASPD in your brother? ASPD are psychopaths and are not easily controlled or manipulated, they pride themselves on being the manipulators. Why is he ill? Help us understand your story better.


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