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#17125 - 09/03/18 08:15 PM Still scared after 6 years
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I really am. I was with the psychopath for 5 years. Then I got away and six years later my gut still rolls. I still feel like I've been "poisoned". I have never been able to explain it any better than that. I am past the middle of my life... before this person, I was doing just fine. I can't believe I didn't see his whatever it is coming my way. Or if I did, I am trying hard to see where I initially went wrong. I was a very observant and protective parent and was not about to let just anyone in to our lives and home.
I'm finally going to a counselor who is helping me. I just can't believe I'm still this screwed up.
One time the psychopath was so mad at me he said "I'm suprised your still alive!"
I don't know what he meant by that.
Well, there were some weird things that happened.
But I am stumped. I can't prove anything.
He was that slippery.
Maybe I was just that dumb and gullible.
Is it possible for a psychopath to set up things that could hurt someone and then be construed as an accident by people outside the home?
Or am I just that paranoid?
I need so much help.

#17130 - 09/29/18 10:48 AM Re: Still scared after 6 years [Re: JuliaLovesCats]
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Yes, that is exactly what they do. They attack a person, but it is so subtle it can be construed as an accident, a misinterpretation, a joke, whatever spin they can take. I call them spin masters. They actually plan how they can hurt and get away with it. It's a game to them and they are masters. They are able to get away with it, because no one ever expects someone think and act like that.


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