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#4490 - 06/02/05 05:10 PM Sister bully
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Hey, this is the first time i have used a site like this, and have been reading up about P's and stongly suspect my sister is one.

For as long as i remember, she has always had a need to be center of attention. Because there are only us 2 girls in the family, there has always been some underlying competition.
Sometimes she can be the sweetest person alive, but she can suddenly turn and become very aggressive. She insults my appearance, my friends, my career choice and just about everything else about me.
It is mostly verbal abuse, but it has been physical and because she is stronger than me now (even though she is a couple of years younger) she always threatens to beat me up.

She can twist the most innocent things to make me look really bad. She can lie so well and is so convincing.

This is beyond petty sibling rivalry as sometimes i feel scared of her.
I have to live with her day in, day out and can't wait for her to move out for college.

Since reading up on P's, i feel kinda sorry for her, she jus comes across as shallow and manipulative. My advice for anyone living in a situation similar to mine is:

Life is too short, some times you have to be your own best friend and do what is right for you (in other words; get away from these people)

I jus keep myself busy with my life and just try and ignore her (but n e 1 living with a P knows how difficult it is to ignore a them, esp when they want some thing).

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Hi Capri, welcome to the forum. I am sorry you are in this difficult situation. You sound very mature and have done some really serious thinking about how to protect yourself. In case you didn't see this link in the resource section, there is an excellent site dedicated to information about bullying. Bully Information and Resources


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