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#5518 - 04/12/06 02:11 PM Terms of Service & Guidelines
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Terms of Service (TOS)

It is the members responsibility to check for any updated information to these Terms of Service and Guidelines.

•Anyone is allowed to read the posts on this forum without registering.
•To post messages on the forum registration is required and anyone registering will not use their real name, post their e-mail address or include any identifying features in their messages. Identifying features either of themselves or anyone else.
Registration to become a member of this forum implies agreement to the Terms of Service (TOS) and Guidelines posted here at the forum.
Intellectual property copyright ©
•Registration allows the members to track posts.
•The Administrator will not pass on any identifying material to any third party and guarantees the members anonymity.
•The Administrator does not allow private messages between members for their protection and safety.
•Administrator may occasionally have to contact a registered member privately but will only do so under very very extreme circumstances.
•It is at the disretion of the Administrator to change, edit or remove any posts that may cause offence or not within the spirit of this forum.
•The Administrator will not pass on member’s registration details to any third party under any circumstance.
*Members are encouraged to email the Administrator if they need any help with the software etc.


•The priority of the forum is to provide a place where members feel safe and not be identified. When you register please do not use real names, dates or place names that would expose your identity or anyone who you refer to in your posts.
•This forum is intended to support the victims and family members of psychopaths and not a suitable place to discuss any other topic.
•The members of the forum have all been through difficult experiences and are particularly sensitive so please be aware of that when you post.
•Information related to psychopathy may be useful so if you have any material you would like to share with other members please send it to of the Administrator. It will then be assessed for suitability and inclusion in the resources section.
•No-one on the forum can diagnose any disorder or mental illness, this can only be done by a professional.
•Please do not post anything sexist, racist, homophobic, obscene or critical of anyone else's coping style.
•Information on personal experience and successful coping strategies are encouraged but it is not acceptable to dictate to other members, just to note what you found helpful.
•Do not post your e-mail address or ask another member for theirs.
•The Administrator will not divulge the registration details or e-mail address of any member under any circumstances.
•No proselytising please as we may have secular members or members of faiths who might take offence.
•Religion and politics are not appropriate topics for discussion unless if relevant to your situation with a psychopath..
•Promoting anything for sale is strictly not allowed. Exceptions, if useful for other members, books for example, may be presented to the Administrator for approval and Administrator will take responsibility for posting that information on the forum.
•The Administrator retains the right to remove, edit or close any posts found to be outside the spirit of the forum.
The Administrator has the right to ban any member for life for offensive posts, or not in the spirit of the forum without warning or explanation.

The community is for support of victims of Psychopaths. If you think you are a Psychopath you are not welcome to post and will be banned.

I am always available if you have any questions or comments


If you do not want the site name to appear in any replies please send them to my personal email:

Please click "Notify" if there are any posts any member is concerned about.

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If you find a topic that fits your issue your chances of getting better responses and read will increase. Even if the topic is old, once you post it will move it up so it will be seen.



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