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#10217 - 10/25/10 12:04 PM Re: Do Psychopaths feel FEAR? [Re: Stephanie]
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Hi Stephanie.

Welcome to the forum, I am sure you will get the answers you seek or at a minimum get to understand the dynamics of what you are dealing with.

When he has these so called "satin" attacks while sleeping how would you rate them, shortly after the two of you going to bed? If he drinks alcohol the system processes the liquor through the system making it quite common to wake up during the night.

Does he try to wake you up so he can talk about these stories or make sure you heard them?

If he was really into Satin, from what I understand there are the evil ones you hear about on the news and ones that it is a religion of sorts (at least in their minds). I am certainly not an exper on Satan this is just what I encoounered. Years ago I had a neighbor next to my ofice and the word Satin came up and I was suspicions and on the alert due to my lack of understanding different types of Satan worship. As it turns out he was a very nice guy, just had different beliefs than I did. When we had a terrible earthquake in California he was the first to come check to see if we were okay. I only had a vague idea and not correct about what the different Satan people are. Trust me I was so concerned when I saw him walk by my window with a parakeet in a cage I had vision of some ritual getting ready to happen.

The Satan that members refer to are definitely from pure evil here on earth. Did you ever get the idea that this was a terrific reason for him to act the way he did? From my little understanding they get together in groups.

Did he ever associate with other Satan members that you know of? There are symbols that Satan people would recognize; my neighbor only explained his views and group he had that were involved in Satan activities. He explained it to me because he thought I saw and knew the symbol and be under the assumption that I would recognize the symbol which I had no idea of and think of him as being the bad type of Satan worship of sorts.

Did your Psychopath make excuses using Satan to explain away lies and inconsistent behavior? No better victim than a Psychopath.

Did he go out of his way to make sure you heard these noises during then night, like wake you up or be so loud it would be impossible for you to ignore?

When you asked him questions about things like his whereabouts, money, work etc. did Satan come into the picture telling him not to and guiding him away from doing any activates to earn money, get a job et.

How many times a day did he bring up Satan? Did he ever do it in front of family or friends?

Okay, I have quizzed you enough for now to try and understand your story so that you can be helped by other members. How did you meet him and for how long was the relationship?

I would bet the Satan buisiness would push your empathy button.

#10218 - 10/25/10 12:49 PM Re: Do Psychopaths feel FEAR? [Re: Stephanie]
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Hi Stephanie,
I am supporting of you and your move away from the abuse of a Psychopath.
I hope that you stay true to yourself,this goal and get to a safe place.
If you have a safety plan now is the time to use it.
Do not warn,threaten or advise the Psychopath of your plan.
Keep your focus on your plan and be kind to yourself on your way.
You owe nothing,no explanation to a Psychopath.
Your life,safety is more important then Psychopath's needs.
It does not take much to go.
It will take everything from you to stay.
I am wishing you all the best in your plan.
Please remember you can always sit on a bus,in a hospital waiting room or
any public place while you arrange shelter.
Help is out there,you must ask.
Ask at a hospital,crisis line or city hall.
Stay in or take parking in busy public places until you reach a safe haven.
If you have a support person on the outside keep in touch with them.
You can do this.

#10219 - 10/25/10 01:09 PM Re: Do Psychopaths feel FEAR? [Re: Tina101]
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Hi Tina101,
what a good info link.
Hi Stephanie.
I did not want to post this twice.
I posted in answer to both your posts about Psychopath's and satin,devil ect.

I feel that the Psychopath's devil,demon is the Psychopath saying you have limited access to him.
Many people will call on a god or savior for answers.
Some will call on the devil for answers.
His,Psychopath answers and actions are safe and justified with his devils,demons.
Its another way of saying I am a part of a powerful,off limits power.
I doubt you will try for a stake in his selfish world of host of allies.
He knows he has the upper hand in that way.
He has more power then you,a mere mortal.
He may tell you about them to get a thrill when you summons them up via him.
Of course what ever happens will be the devils fault,not his.
Believe me,if you trump his devil he will have a savior or god and condemn you for being on the devils side.
Either way its loose,loose and you will bear the punishment.
Win win for the Psychopath.
Its a fear factor they use for making use of a scapegoat.
Also who can verify the lies?
Both however give themselves to warnings.

#10220 - 10/25/10 02:44 PM Re: Do Psychopaths feel FEAR? [Re: Stephanie]
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Originally Posted By: Stephanie
Quote: My Psychopath has dreams of satin. He knows exactly what he looks like. He'll squeel in his sleep sometimes. He says later that satin is laughing at him.
Knowing what he looks like is a saying a personified power,meeting on own ground,one on one.
I believe the Psychopath is telling you a challenge(trigger point) to his power is being laughed at.
Laughing at him may bring anger,rage.

Be has had a relationship with him since he was small. He said he tried praying to god and got no answer.
I believe this tells you he became aware of his abnormal personality or (Psychopath) status while small.
Could also be got a scapegoat.

He tried the way of his peers, social group and got no communication,choose a different path.

He tried praying to satin and got everything he asked for."
His different path paid off. He got everything he asked for.
He is enforced/rewarded on his path,actions. Negative actions because of,by the implication of satin.

I've been so wrapped up in all of his bull. I can't seem to get past how he can do the things he has to me. I need to deal with in and move on but I don't know how. I just can't believe it's possible. I need to do no contact and I'm starting today again. I could use all the help i can get in finding a way to deal with the lies and the utter betrayl. Thanks confused confused

Those feelings will need time to heal and sort and heal.
The identity,essence of you was hostage and used,abused by the Psychopath.
You have got some clarity and can not believe it's possible.
Other members and I feel this way too.
You have taken the first step towards healing.
You broke the Psychopath's hold.
It will get easier each day.

Replies about Psychopath my opinion.

(sos editors,feel free to edit)

#10228 - 10/25/10 09:52 PM Re: Do Psychopaths feel FEAR? [Re: clearblue]
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He used to be alot more into him before we met. A little bit at first that is when he said satin turned his back on him. I was like ya hello he's a liar. Anyways he's tried to stay away from him. We live in a vary religious area. He has alot of beliefs that he is trying to get over that he got from satin. I watch my Psychopath go to different extremes. He's normally prone to go to the dark side due to his negative thinking. Pride, anger spite Ect. But I also know he want's to be good and tries to be. I've even seen him self reflect. It doesn't happen often or last very long but it has happened and it's real. He actually has admitted to alot of his issues. The typical flirting type stuff. He did admit it was his own insecurities. But he didn't stay there long. I know he want to stay away from using satin's power because he has seen to bad affects it has had on his life. But when he gets really out there he has called satin his constant companion or the comforter. It has only happened twice in our three year relationship. And he doesn't come around me much when that happens. I tell him satin has no power other that the power we give him. And we have the power to make him go away by commanding him to in the name of Jesus Christ. It works. there have been quit a few times we've been arguing or he's been on one and I can sense an evil presence. Not satin just some demon or something, But I have commanded them to leave and they do. You got to believe it will work or it won't work. I'm really pretty lucky I guess, because I'm not married to or living with my Psychopath. I found out early on in our relationship he was a Psychopath. I in a way stuck around just to see what he was capable of. If there was some way to fix him I guess. I hadn't read much at that point. I actually dated him twenty years ago. He was my first love in High school. My first kiss. I lost my virginity to him as well. But we lost contact for twenty years and when we met up again I was sure it was meant to be. I'd wondered all those years about him. Now I'm glad we didn't get married back then. I would have killed myself for sure. Not that he hasn't made me want to sometimes now. I think him being my first love is why it's so hard for me to believe he can't really feel love. He sure fakes it pretty good. But the lies I can't comprehend. I've spent the last nine months arguing with him about what the truth is. It's insane. But I keep thinking he will not want to do things that hurt me. I think I must be retarded. He really can't put himself in my shoes at all. And he seriously believes Me or anyone should believe his lies. He's tried to destroy me in every covert way he can because i know the truth, but for some reason I've not been able to walk away up until now and I'm fighting it still. I can't believe the things he's done to me. I don't know how to face it and move on. I've had a fever nearly every day for months too. I know it's from being in fright or fight mode non stop. But I want him to tell me the truth. I somehow think this will help me find closure. I don't understand how he can not care. He tries to act like it in so many ways but he really doesn't or he'd have to want to Quit hurting me. I can't grasp how someone can say they love you and see their causing you pain and not need to try to stop it. How can this be? I hope I made any sense. I just ramble but it's more to just get stuff off my chest so forgive me if it all sounds like nonsense. Thanks for listening

#10230 - 10/26/10 09:03 AM Re: Do Psychopaths feel FEAR? [Re: Stephanie]
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Hi Stephanie,
I hope you feel better posting.
I do not think you are rambling.
It is good to get your feelings out.
You are in a one sided,abusive relationship.
Can you go to a Dr. or clinic?
Please see a Dr. or clinic soon as you can.
You have a fever everyday.
You deserve and need good health.
Stress can be very hard on your health.
How did you find out your boyfriend is a Psychopath?
Did he show any signs,behaviors as a teen?
Meeting up with your first love must have been wonderful.
I could imagine how heartbreaking it must be that he is a Psychopath.
Wanting to help and give a better life,love is beautiful.
A Psychopath can not understand your feelings.
Psychopath does not have the mental capacity for feelings.
Psychopath lives his life in actions.
Psychopath's actions are negative.
Lies are part of Psychopath's interactions.
A relationship with Psychopath can never depend on trust.
Sentimental feelings for you,care and concern do not register with Psychopath.
Psychopath will use your support,resources and relationship for furthering his lies.
You may never know where all the lies are heading.
The only stability you find in life will be of your own account.
Psychopath's beliefs will always be his,for good or bad.
You must draw the stop line and grow from this experience.
Psychopath is not capable or willing to stop being a Psychopath.
Psychopath is oblivious to your boundaries.
When you point it out he tries to move it.
An example of a lifestyle that would suit a Psychopath.
Psychopath could live at a loaded bank,you would be the teller.
He will get what he wants out,with no limit.
Sure he will be back,to get more.
If it was a 24 hour bank you would see Psychopath more often.
This is how Psychopath's treat,use people.
Have you always lived near the Psychopath?
Do you have supporting family or friends on your behalf?
If you break up with Psychopath will you continue to live near him?
Please do not blame yourself for Psychopath behaviors,abuse.
Psychopath is a pre fab character inspite our best intentions.
How do you feel he is trying to destroy you,by what actions?
9 months of arguing must leave you feeling run down.
Is the argument due to lies?
Psychopath's thrive in chaos.
It keeps you preoccupied,stuck in the impact with no resolve.
Then out the door they go leaving you holding the hurt an anger.
That cycle can easily become months,years.
They will not resolve the problem fairly.
You deserve fairness in your life,kindness.
You deserve happiness.

#10232 - 10/26/10 03:25 PM Re: Do Psychopaths feel FEAR? [Re: clearblue]
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I wanted to add the fear factor of such a human and the degradation this man invoked upon me ..all his abuse..verabally accosting me .. physically abusing me enjoying the towering over me knowing I could do nothing that night fearful to run outside as afraid he may come after me as he was in a psychopathic TRUE essence of KILLER MODE..and I didnt want to attempt running out of the house in fear of his getting me out there alone in the night.

As I see it he is a sleeping rabid dog provoked, questioning his words, actions asking for truths or accountability he will step on you till you cant breathe anymore just so he doesnt have to face himself and tell the truth...or EVER admit to his wrong sickening ways..that indeed are inhumanly wrong. as he doesnt know the differance from right or wrong.. he said violence is not good... but what do you EXPECT angel after all youstyarted the argument.. and this is the results your a dumb think nothing was going to happen.." to you..

a tru psychopath indeed as far as I am concerened.DEADLY..the sick thing is is that even behind BARS he would be genius enough to convince a con to get him out..or less jail time.. CON the system into a nicer offering on parol.. be the PERFECT BOY ROLE PRISONER MODEL...UNTIL HE DID IT AGAIN.... I asked him about thIS women he had sex with he said he had been seeing her for some time and she was really in love with him..perfect for a narcissist.. I must say.. YETINTRESTINLY HE SAID IT WAS A HORRIBLE EXPEREINCE... meaning what ?? to me it states.. maybe he also degraded her in a rape like sense.. I wont know never do I wont to know what or how he treated her on his quest to punish me NIGHT...

he in the midst of hurting would say "am not going to give you the satisfaction of PANDERING to your needs and be the down trodden little man you wont me to be and say am soo sorry to you you wont your men to be weak pathetic little men.. bowing down to your all whims in life.. " you are control freak.. not me and am not giving you the responce you wont cause this is your pain and this is what you deserve you started this its your fault so now you pay.." tough SHT#### for the fist time in your life am going to be the one to make you pay so shut up and sit down and have a good think about your mental illness .your a disgusting parasite ..." your a nutter not me... you a retard.. you have learning problems your sick.. angel you need a team..all this
meanwhile am bleeding out of my mouth as he is shouting these words my way, and the room is spinning..
he cant feel so he has to say this to me that he wont pander to my needs.. as he beats me up he shifts the idea.. making it my fault that am needing to control him by getting a responce from him.. the fatcs are he has no internal stop button.. he cant say yeah am wrong becasue a narccisit /psychopath never faulters... to others.. desires.. its to the death they will deny all costs all actions.. its like they were not even present.. HE

also he pointed out to me a tiny bruise he had a wealt on his arm from me defending myslef he said LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO "ME..YOU HURT ME " and

he checked his arms like he was KING and saying I hurt his skin it hurts angel you hurt me..physically. he said to me "YOUR less than a worm ,less than a dog.. and spat in my face... and shoved me once more to the floor.grabbing by the throat and squeezing he then. sat down and watched his film calmly.. no problems.. with a smile.and cool posture... realxed body language.. I am sure his pulse didnt even budge he / SMIRKd.

did he think punching me in the back of the head where my teeth nearly get knocked out smashing my head on the ground , split lips , bleeding..being choked.. suffocated on the floor hit over and over again... was COOL ? as he is concerned about a tiny welt on his arm!!! truley he tried to attack me for him having a welt ONE WELT ON HIS ARM.. AS i WAS NEAR DEAD ALMOST .. under his attacks.. what happens to people doing this there personality splits they compartmentalise..??? is this typical PSYCHOPATH traits or do all humans if pushed do this???? but pushed I never pushed him I asked a simple calm question..... to find myself almost knocked unconsiouse...

interesting the part he talks about "giving me the responce I wont ...ITS CALLED REMORSE.. I could have been stabbed that nite with a knife out of my back and he would say.. "stop exageratting your pain " get over it...

thats what he said as well all nite get over it little girl your not hurt.. take it on the chin btc***** swearing at me..

cathartic to get this out am suffering shock PTSD for sure.. the signs were there but this was a dragon brewing.. am gald to be able to talk about it am afraid to go to the police its all very afraid he will come after me or even get someof his friends to come ater me..if he has any?? I dont know.. but he is soo smart in knieving I wouldnt put it past him to do anything . ??

#10247 - 10/27/10 12:13 PM Re: Do Psychopaths feel FEAR? [Re: angel]
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wow i so need to read this. I don't know how but my Psychopath managed to suck me back in briefly. He out of the blue left a message that he'd got me a doctor appointment and was going to pay for it. And somehow before i knew it I was completely brainwashed and I'd completely forgotten the hell I've been trough trying to get the truth out of him. It's risking your life to get an honest explanation. i do need to go to the doctor although I know it's stress. I can't handle being lied to. But that's not until Monday. I don't have the money to do it but he still hasn't told me the truth out off his mouth and I'd almost rather die that than play along in his land of make believe any more. Oh and the other thing I realized is how he can make real major changes and have great insight into himself and me all of the sudden as soon as I really end it for good. So That means he cold have this whole time. He was choosing to be a jerk. OK Thanks for your post. I can't stand to even think about him lying to me one more time. I don't need a doctor i just need to get rid of the thing making me sick. How could I not have a fever from being fed bull$~ all day and living in fear of what he's really up to now. I feel refreshed and renewd and I'm starting again. Day one no contact!

#10248 - 10/27/10 02:20 PM Re: Do Psychopaths feel FEAR? [Re: Stephanie]
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I'll tell a little more of my story. We have been in a relationship for almost three years. I found out he was a psychopath after we'd been together about six months. I found out he'd been cheating on me with his ex wife and lying to both of our faces daily for over a month, No remorse what so ever. I found the information on phycho's and he didn't disagree. In fact he thought it was pretty cool how women were so drawn to him. Since then he has begged me to say i will marry him. i told him if he could prove he could be faithful and rebuild trust. All he's done is sneak around behind my back. Mainly cyber sex because he's to lazy and to big of a sex addict to get enough sex offline. He needs constant attention. I won't commit to be with him although we have been intimate from time to time and we see each other every day. So i do have alot of feelings for him. I've become totally isolated. It still really hurts and blows my mind that he could even think sexual thoughts about other women when he's been with me and how can he say i love you non stop and how bad he want's to marry me and screw around with other women behind my back. I tell him I never told him he had to want to be with me so he doesn't need to lie. He can date whoever he'd like. It makes him so mad. He insists on creating a situation to where he can cheat on me. If he still wants to mess around with other women or look at porn (which is cheating to me) Why can't he just be friends and not hurt me by betraying my trust. Because he's a Psychopath and he seriously expects everyone to believe his lies. He thinks faking every aspect of who he is to be my Mr. Perfect is love. And he lies to me about everything he does that hurts me because he cares enough to not want to hurt me by telling me the truth. Being in this proving ground place in our relationship He's gone out of his way to try to make me out to look like the cheater or crazy or who knows what else so he doesn't look bad when anyone asks why we're not making a deeper commitment. I think he's making a bigger fool of himself by doing it. I was a little worried at first but he just ends up talking way to much. people have pretty much figured out he's full of it. I'm glad I'm at a point in my life where I don't care what anyone thinks about me. i know who i am. I'm more concerned with getting myself back right now. Being cheated on is so damaging. How could he be so heartless. It really takes so much more away from me than I ever could have imagined. That's the part i can't seem to recover from or know how to process. I can say I don't care but I really do. I just seem to keep reopening the same wound. I take it very personal, and I'm really just shocked someone could lie to my face like that for long periods of time, knowing the pain their causing and not want to stop it? I haven't talked to anyone about it. It's to humiliating. I just keep blocking it out. Unsure how to get to a place of acceptance and forgiveness so I so I don't let this ruin how i respond in any other relationships. If I ever dare have any again? I feel that lies are the greatest form of abuse by far. How does one recover from being lied to like that?

#10249 - 10/27/10 06:54 PM Re: Do Psychopaths feel FEAR? [Re: Stephanie]
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Hi Stephanie,
it will take time and courage to heal from lies and cheating.
You can do it.
Its better to spend time healing then time being hurt.
You may never get to the truth with a Psychopath.
Psychopath does not use truths to gain power.
Psychopath uses deceit.
Learning of more deceit does not help victims discover the truth.
It keeps you from healing,keeps you a victim.
Moving from a victim to a survivor will require you to let go of the deceit.
You will not have truth to hold on to for your next move.
It will be yourself,safety and support with family,counseling,forums or similar.
Psychopath's do not let anyone walk away happy and whole.
Your Dr. appointment will be good because Psychopath's are so busy having a sex life with whom ever,where ever
they can easily get and transfer sexually transmitted diseases.
It is always a good idea to be checked after having any sexual relationship or contact with a Psychopath.
The lies and stress you have endured are Psychopath's life style.
If you were to marry this Psychopath you would no doubt
be giving him the power and security,approval to continue his life style,increasing his power to use,hurt and abuse you.
If a person wants to marry it is not for forgiving them or increasing their power.
Psychopath is always expecting a reward for his harmful actions.
Psychopath would be amused and have an ego boost to learn he is a special,powerful woman magnet for being a Psychopath.
A normal thinking guy would be horrified to be thought of as a Psychopath.
You deserve a good,caring person who cares about you, your feelings,sharing those feelings.
Psychopath's only care is how he can destroy your feelings,justify his actions and still have a person,place or resource
to satisfy his self interests.
Does he get time alone for porn or with you there?
Has he asked or tried to get you involved in porn?
Psychopath's are very self absorbed with porn.
He may try to degrade you to submission.
He will insult you for submission.
If you become a threat to his style you place yourself in danger.
If one of his consorts should upset him he will victimize you,blame you for his lack.
When people do not cater to Psychopath's wants Psychopath becomes hostile,moody an abusive.
He is a master of verbal,mental and physical abuse.
He must be in control of you.
Then Psychopath will blame you for his abuse of you.
The double blow fashion is literally Psychopath's faster approach at bringing you down.
Double hits bring faster submission of victims.

You are moving on away from Psychopath to healing,health.
You can do this!
You opened the door to your new,good life.
You deserve it, you were meant for it.

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