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#16687 - 01/05/16 02:27 AM Re: The psychopath to human "translation" manual [Re: loveofdaisies]
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I agree, this description totally lines up with how I've understood my experience with "her". I found another excellent description of (what I believe is) the same phenomenon, called "Covert Psychological Murder". While the name is dramatic, I also think it's accurate in labeling this behavior (it's downright deadly to people who remain unsuspecting while experiencing it).

My psychopathic mother has been targeting me in this manner since I've gone NC some years ago, and I've really felt like there's some kind of twisted political game she's now playing with the rest of my family in my absence. It's pretty sick. It's like my family members are now objects to be manipulated like weapons (beyond their understanding, since most haven't woken up and are in denial) to use against me. (In her mind, "winning" would be regaining control of me and my spouse, since she views me as property - and if she can't "win" like that, then she will do whatever it takes to ensure my long-term destruction even after she's been long dead). It's probably no coincidence that the new random hobby I've picked up (educating myself like crazy about Propaganda) has started to become helpful lately. The whole scenario really seems like Political Psychological Warfare ("Hearts and Minds"), but where the countries are individuals in my family. How can someone actually do this to their own child? Vile doesn't even describe it.

She's also playing this same game with my father and his side of the family (they've been long divorced, but her agenda for revenge has never really quelled since the divorce 30+ years ago and she's determined to completely isolate him in his old age), and her sister (my empathic aunt). We've talked about it at length, and they're aware of what's going on. I'm hoping that that'll be enough to deflect her destructive behavior, but I'm still afraid. I think I'm hoping to find some ideas in Propaganda literature. Going NC has been a God-send for each of our own sanity and peace of mind, but it's also slowly costing us the rest of the family.

#16688 - 01/05/16 07:44 PM Re: The psychopath to human "translation" manual [Re: WarmLogic]
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Hi WarmLogic, welcome to our community. Thanks for the links I will be sure to take a look tomorrow and comment.

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