Psychopathy in the Pedophile

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Psychopathy in the Pedophile - 08/09/04 08:49 AM


In the book:

Psychopathy. Antisocial, Criminal and Violent Behaviour.
1998 Guildford Press. ISBN:1-57230-344-1. Theodore Millon et al.

I have come across an interesting chapter: Psychopathy in the Pedophile.
Chapter 19. pages 304 - 320. The author is Darvin Dorr

He writes:

" This chapter presents the thesis that the majority of pedophiles are psychopathic, or manifest to a significant degree the psychological characteristics of the psychopathy."

I have not before come across any writings that gives clear and unambiguous support to the idea that pedophiles are psychopathic. Not just this particular chapter, but the whole book is very interesting. Most of the chapters can be understood by the layman.



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Re: Psychopathy in the Pedophile - 01/07/05 03:47 AM

Hi, I haven't read that book but it sounds intereting. I often thought about the relationship between psychopaths and pedophiles. In an argument with my P. relative I brought up how she asualted B. a couple yrs ago. P. compared that to when I was 4 yrs old and hit my sister. As if an adult hiting someone is the same thing as a 4 yr old hiting someone. As if P. can't differintate btwn adults and children. It makes me wonder if they see children just as minature adults. When I was 15 I had a part time job at a store. A grown man would play video games all day. When I started working there he asked me if I would like to go to a bar with him after work. I said I was 14 yrs old. He didn't seem to care about my age and kept asking me out like I was a grown adult. Eventually I told him off and he stopped playing video games in the store. But would call and sounded heart broken that I would go out with him and would circle the store in his truck and come in and keep asking me out. I would keep repeating my age, I lied and said I was 14 when I was really 15 to turn him off, but when I mentioned how I was 14 over and over again he didn't seem to care like it just went in one ear and out the other, I also said my parents wouldn't approve of it, and that didn't seem to bother him either. It was as if he couldn't differintate btwn children and adults. Finally I told him I would call the police if he didn't stop bothering me and he stop coming to the store.
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Re: Psychopathy in the Pedophile - 01/09/05 02:10 PM

HI Cdy

"It makes me wonder if they see children just as minature adults"

I read your post with interest and felt chilled at the line above. I think you are 100% right. I think that my ex looked on all females as potential victims with no age or other barrier. It is why I wish we could campaign more for the safety of the children of Ps or close family etc as they are all potential victims.

I wish more could be done to stop them.



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Re: Psychopathy in the Pedophile - 01/11/05 09:19 AM

Yeah, I wish something could be done about it too. The best thing to protect children is to educate them about whats OK and whats not. When I was a kid I understood that there are bad people in the world who want to hurt others and children and teens are often targets. I think that helped me al ot. I know that teens with low self esteem are more likely to trust a older psychopath adult and run off with them to get attention then more secure teenagers. I had a friend who ran off with an adult when she was 15 because she had low self esteem and liked the attention. She now looks back and thinks he was probably a psychopath.
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Re: Psychopathy in the Pedophile - 01/15/05 11:00 AM

Hi Cdy

I have been thinking about what you said and I agree that kids need to be educated about whats OK, but most kids are not going to get this, especially those in poorer environments.

But Ps can manipulate, hurt and even destroy well educated and well informed adults, so there is liitle chance of a kid being able to handle them.

I think much more is needed than just groups to help pick up the pieces. We need to have the whole P think out in the open so that awareness is raised and the professionals will be able to recognise one rather than be conned by one.

Thats the easy part - the difficult bit is trying to raise awareness. Any ideas out there??

Hope you are well.

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Re: Psychopathy in the Pedophile - 01/17/05 07:09 AM

I came from a poor enviroment and understood that there are bad people out there who want to hurt me. Our elemntary school educated children on not doing drugs and kidnappers and that really worked with me when I was a kid because I lived in a bad neighborhood. Once I found drugs under the merry go round and mixed it all up in the sand and threw it at the "evil" old ladys house...she was this old lady that hated cats and would kill cats that came into her yard.
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Re: Psychopathy in the Pedophile - 04/09/05 11:42 AM

Whew - phsycopathy and pedophilia - would a man who raped his two year old daughter, his grand daughters and who knows how many others unrelated to us, while appearing to be an upstanding citizen, a master Mason, member of a church regularily attended, would he qualify as a phsycopath? Or just a clever pedophiliac?
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Re: Psychopathy in the Pedophile - 04/09/05 01:00 PM

Well golly gosch... thats an interesting question, but not one that can be answered here. Only a suitably qualified forensic psychologist or a psychiatrist with full knowledge of the individuals life history and access to the individual in order to perform assessment interviews could make that assessment.

Be wary of anybody who offers online diagnosis, nailz.Its not an easy diagnosis to make, and should be left to the professionals. Even they get it wrong.

Only possible answer to your question: Who knows? No way of telling.
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Re: Psychopathy in the Pedophile - 04/10/05 09:23 AM

nailz, either way this was a really sick and twisted person who hurt you and many others. there is now way to deny that much. i can really relate to that.

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Re: Psychopathy in the Pedophile - 06/13/05 07:14 PM

An Examination of the Relationship Between Child Sexual Offending and Psychopathy


The participants in this study were adult males (N = 111) who were accused of various sexual crimes against children 16 years of age or younger, and who were evaluated at a state forensic facility in a large Midwestern state. This study examined the relationship of Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) scores to type of child sexual offender (same sex extrafamilial, opposite sex extrafamilial, and incest offenders), the presence of violence during the most recent child sexual offense, and criminal versatility. Results indicated that those sexual offenders who employed physical violence against the children they abused were significantly more psychopathic than those who did not. No significant differences were found between types of child sexual offenders or with general criminal versatility.

Abstract available, I think there might be a fee