What price do we pay when our safety is at risk?

Posted by: Dianne E.

What price do we pay when our safety is at risk? - 06/20/11 04:45 PM

Our community has never been about politics, religion or race, just a safe place where anyone who crosses our Internet Doorway is welcome who has a Psychopath in their life.

I feel a need to discuss what has become a political issue that is moving in a direction that will and can have an impact on all of us, I am addressing this toward our members because I think it is vital safety information.

In full disclosure I am what some on the right refer to as a Volvo driving liberal. However I am not a radical and I listen to all sides. I do not intend to open this topic for discussion to see who favors what political party. Our safety has become the political boucing ball and it doesnít matter what your political views are this is not the purpose of this discussion. I just wanted to see if our community would like to participate in trying to figure out ways to make an impact by becoming active in protest or at least be informed so you can know what might be possible if you find yourself in a crisis and need help from law enforcement or any social services.

It is great we have such a wonderful community here online. We are only one small portion of what a victim needs to have as a resource.

There are strong indicators that could deny our members in need to be cut off from outside social services to either protect you from harm or help you survive and eat. This isnít speculation about what way the winds are blowing politically and it will affect those that need help the most.
Social Services, the things we can rely upon to help us in an emergency against either harm or assistance for shelter and food are going away. The shabby shell we now have is being ripped to shreds.

I have been following how our politicians are moving quickly to make sure that soon what little help they havenít stripped already will be stripped further. I am becoming more and more concerned about our community members and any person in need. If we donít do something besides worrying about it, I can assure you it is quickly going away. Already our police are next to skelton crews along with our fire/rescue services. Severe cuts to the needy and elderly have already been hacked to pieces. Where do we go from here? If we sit back then we are active participants in losing those rights to safety and social assistance.

What seems like a smarter move, to reward the oil companies with subsidies when they are reporting record breaking profits, do the tax cuts to the richest people in our country make sense? To accomodate these crazy deals, the funding is coming from those funds that need it the most. Personally I am not happy to pay money to a highly profitable business so the executives can keep their bonuses high because some politician can keep their campaign donations coming in. What kind of twisted world are we living in, those in need mean nothing?

I would rather think that if I needed help with someone threatening or causing great bodily harm there would be experienced police to respond. I would like to think if any of our members are escaping a Psychopath there would be a place to go for aid and assistance.

I already knew our system was broke, I have followed the topic carefully I know it is going to get worse if we donít all act. I was struck cold seeing in real time the effects of what is happening and what is in store for us in the future.. While I was writing about the story of this innocent victim my alarm bells already were loud on this subject, they were getting louder as I have been watching the laws and budgets get slashed. Our community and the safety of our members should they get in a position to need help is of great concern to me.

This can either be taken as a call for action and discussion or to at least let our communtiy be informed on what is going on.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,committed people can change the world.
Indeed,it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead
Posted by: Wolfie

Re: What price do we pay when our safety is at risk? - 06/25/11 02:02 PM

I worry about that too. The best thing I can think of is to strive for making communities of good people living close to each other like families. The good sort of families. Because, like you said, the only help is going to be do-it-yourself help.

Posted by: Dianne E.

Re: What price do we pay when our safety is at risk? - 06/25/11 03:55 PM

Hi, welcome to our community. I have great neighbors but what if they aren't home. I grew up in Calif. and experienced all the earthquakes and each time vowed I would get prepared and never did. Today I bought a cool emergency lantern (better range of light than a flash light with a radio included. I think it is a good idea to have a contact in your cell phone that is at the top of the list to call if in need of help or feel you might be in harm. We have almost become an every person for themselves society when those that could aid us in an emergency are being cut even further quicker than you can blink. I was watching Rachael Madddow (MSNBC) last night and she showed some graphs which drove home the point. States are cutting taxes for the rich and making up the loss in tax revenue with cuts to benefits for social services. Twisted world.

If you use a land line and lines are down from the weather etc, keep a cheap old fashion phone to plug into the outlet. A portable phone doesn't work without electricity.

Voting these bums out of office who are making these cuts is one solution. That congressman or whoever that was caught a couple of weeks ago taking a state paid helicopter (he reimbursed it when caught but still what he did was wrong) to his sons game is in the crowd voting for more money for the rich and bigger cuts than ever for social services for our safety. They just don't get it and we should rise up and not keep them in office. What kind of nation only looks after the highest 1% and calls ourselves a civilized society.

Our community is a very vulnerable group. We need protection. Breaking up with a Psychopath isn't just your normal divorce/breakup, Psychopaths are dangerous and evil. And if a member is left without food and shelter what will happen? Most times our members have been isolated by the Psychopath from family and friends, where do they turn for help?

Posted by: Katabasis

Re: What price do we pay when our safety is at risk? - 04/25/13 02:07 PM

Your personal security is YOUR responsibility.

One of the reasons I got involved with firearms was due to my unfortunate (and life changing) involvement with a severely emotionally disturbed person (a psychopath). Experiencing first hand the malevolent psychology of people like this, their sadistic and pitiless impulses, was a motivating influence for me to arm myself.
Would the world be a better place if no one could physically hurt anyone else? Obviously. But as long as vicious lunatics can acquire weapons, then I know that I better have them, too. If the police were the answer, then all those school children in Newtown CT would still be alive today. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

Our legal system has provided two options for personal security; 1) Personal armament with small arms and a responsibility and willingness to fight to protect oneís personal security or, 2) Dial 911 and Die.
For better or for worse, willingly or unwillingly, consciously or unconsciously, the reality is that everyone in the U.S. is signed up for one or the other of those two options. Many people do not understand this. They think they are signed up for an option whereby if a homicidal lunatic shows up in their life with intent to do them mortal harm, then, they will dial 911, the police will show up in time and everything will be okay. In fact, this option is not on the list.

The police have no duty to protect any specific individual. They have no legal responsibility to protect any one specific person from criminal harm. This is a difficult concept to teach people. They do not believe it, they get upset if you try to explain it, but it is true. The courts have upheld this principle again and again at every level of government all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. Under our system of jurisprudence, the individual is responsible for his or her own personal security. Unfortunately, whole segments of our society including all components of our educational system have signed up for personal security option #2) Dial 911 and Die.

If one wishes to sign up for personal security option #1 what does one do? Is the answer to furnish oneself with the least effective weaponry available? Or is the best choice to furnish oneself with the most effective weaponry one can afford? As of the present, this is still the individualís call.
Posted by: crocodile

Re: What price do we pay when our safety is at risk? - 05/08/13 12:26 PM

If that's really the case it's a really screwed up system - in Europe almost nobody owns a gun and I can't think of a situation when I'd need it. And where I leave now there is a lot of police and they are always super helpful and professional and I've never had any problems. I sometimes read about US, you have these mass shooting and so on and still it seems like it's inconceivable to introduce any regulation in guns. I think if guns are prohibited and you can only have one when you have a licence (obtained after a background check when you have to actually be assessed in person by a mental health professional) then it's safer for everyone. And then a lot of Psychopaths will never get their hands on the gun...