Keep your information safe

Posted by: Dianne E.

Keep your information safe - 09/23/11 05:37 PM

This is a good story about a female Psychopath and how they can rob you without a gun.

Luckily her husband has custody of the kids. Watch your identity when you have a Psychopath anywhere near your family, they could be getting credit cards etc. and robbing you without your knowledge.

Woman who steals without remorse

I know if I had a Psychopath anywhere in my life I would keep a sharp eye on your credit reports.
Posted by: Dianne E.

Re: Keep your information safe - 07/24/12 01:11 PM

One idea to consider. Most places have computer use for free at public libraries. If you have any thoughts that the Psychopath in your life might have access to your information or if you are still living with him/her this is a great place to go and communicate privately or post here.

Posted by: NotCrzy

Re: Keep your information safe - 07/26/12 07:41 AM

I am becoming paranoid that the Psychopath might stumble on my posts here with an appropriate web search. I think this would require him to use the search term "Psychopath". He referred to someone else in his life as a Psychopath recently. Maybe he has done some reading and could indeed find my posts? Is possible to have come possibly identifiable posts deleted? Or made private so only i can read them? I know i am paranoid but if he has any personal insight or really thinks somone else is a Psychopath he could find this forum.
Posted by: Dianne E.

Re: Keep your information safe - 07/26/12 06:08 PM

Hi, I can understand your fears, this question has come up often over the years and no one has been found. However, just for the safety of our community the edit feature is available if you think you might have said something that could lead in your direction.

Psychopaths lack the insight to even think about what they really are.

Our community is private and I buy the software so no one but myself has any access to contact information. Made that decision years ago as it was the only way to protect users information.

Posted by: FriedaB

Re: Keep your information safe - 07/29/12 08:28 PM

Originally Posted By: Dianne E.

Psychopaths lack the insight to even think about what they really are.

I agree with Dianne. Id also like to add that most are too self absorbed to care. Mine, for example, believes there is absolutely nothing wrong with them... IM the crazy one...
Posted by: Dianne E.

Re: Keep your information safe - 07/31/12 07:13 AM

You are right, Freida. I only know one diagnosed Psychopath because she is my sil's sister. They scoff at even being told they are one, after all they know more than anyone in the world. She sees nothing wrong with her actions, robbing her elderly father, the list goes on. The diagnosis just fell on deaf ears, they are immune to seeing that they are anything but the biggest victims walking the earth.

Posted by: queenofhercastle

Re: Keep your information safe - 08/01/12 02:38 AM

I totally agree. Its always about them. They show no compassion or empathy.

My MIL will bring up minute details of the most smallest thing, but cannot "remember" any of her wrong doings!!

When she is trying to get a sympathy vote, she lets her hair go grey, wears no makeup & hunches her back whenever
we are near her. The very next day she will be as bright as a button, with all the makeup & jewellery, its sickening.
Posted by: FriedaB

Re: Keep your information safe - 08/27/12 07:31 PM

Oh my god...that article is my psychopath to a T! Only difference is mine is smart enough to have pretend remorse when caught....
Posted by: FriedaB

Re: Keep your information safe - 08/27/12 07:36 PM

My psychopaths criminal history:

3 felony counts identity theft
1 felony count 2nd degree forgert
1 felony count credit card fraud
2 felony counts charged theft, later reduced to misdeam
2 felony counts charged, forging narcotics prescriptions , later reduced to 1 misdeam
1 count selling alcohol and drugs to minors
Currently ripping off aids charity

Yet the rehab program still gets her a job -at a STATE UNIVERSITY- no problem. I dont understand. Please someone tell me the difference between this one and mine?!?!