Nanny cams, information gathering

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Nanny cams, information gathering - 10/05/11 02:03 PM

Hi, since we are an online community I thought we might have a section for resources. For example I have blabbed about getting nanny cams etc. So I thought why not just list some sources for things that we are a community might want to know more about or consider.

I hope others will add resources they had to search to find in being online and in particular things that are tools for our community, like nanny cams, understanding the laws for recording, etc. I have done the research so will share what I found. You can also Google: nanny cam radios, nanny cams for computers etc.
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Re: Nanny cams, information gathering - 10/05/11 02:14 PM

Nanny Cams
or for example if you are interested in nanny cams in smoke detectors then Google: nanny cam smoke detectors Nanny Cam Smoke Detector options

As most items there are many versions of the nanny cam from a simple recording device, a devise with audio and ones that you can log onto your computer and watch from there. They are so small these days it is easy to find a location. There are many companies that sell nanny cams already in a product. Nanny cams can be sold installed items like air humidifier,Clock Radio, Smoke Detectors, the list goes on.

The key to finding the perfect nanny cam has what your needs and budgets can afford, I recommend at a minimum one that records along with video and can save recordings, some are so small you can plant them about anywhere and be able to not only record but log in from your PC to see in real time.

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Re: Nanny cams, information gathering - 10/05/11 02:49 PM

Laws regarding phone recordings:

Federal law allows recording of phone calls and other electronic communications with the consent of at least one party to the call. A majority of the states and territories have adopted wiretapping statutes based on the federal law, although most also have extended the law to cover in-person conversations. Thirty-eight states and the District of Columbia permit individuals to record conversations to which they are a party without informing the other parties that they are doing so. These laws are referred to as “one-party consent” statutes, and as long as you are a party to the conversation, it is legal for you to record it. (Nevada also has a one-party consent statute, but the state Supreme Court has interpreted it as an all-party rule.)

State by State Laws

Wire Tap Laws

FAQ for home recording
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Re: Nanny cams, information gathering - 10/05/11 11:56 PM

If I lived in the same house with a Psychopath, you better believe I would be recording as much as I possibly could.

Di, I'm glad we're on the same page. I just wish I could get people I know to "get it."

I just wish I had a chance to record things.

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Re: Nanny cams, information gathering - 10/06/11 09:32 AM

I agree, I was surprised how many states only require one person consent. As far as the phone if you are in one of the states where it is legal you can pick up a cheap recorder at Radio Shack or other places that automatically starts recording when you pick up the phone. Is there a way you can get her to stop texting if that is what she is doing and make her and your grandson call on the telephone? This could serve a couple of purposes, put your son at ease knowing that she only can contact when he is home and capable of dealing with her and to have a trail and she more than likely will get set off on the phone and expose herself more than via text. Since you have lawyers and PI's involved I would ask them about the laws in your State and push that envelope as far as you can within the law.

When your son gets visitation, his house should be prepared so he can monitor if she is calling your grandson and his general demeanor.

The best recorders I saw but they weren't cheap but would not be obvious are the smoke detectors, who would suspect your smoke detector was a recording device. The price may seem high but the features are far more advanced than the smaller ones.

I am there with you I would have my place rigged to the hilt. I am taking a week holiday in December and even though I would trust the person to stay here with my "kids", I plan to have a special smoke detector installed in the main area of the house, I know I will relax better knowing I can log in from wherever I am and see what is going on. If I had a Psychopath in my home I would put them in every room.

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Re: Nanny cams, information gathering - 10/06/11 09:36 AM

Short note, running out... eBay sells one that appears to have gotten good reviews: Foscam FI8908W Wireless IP Camera Indoor Video. Less than $100. Motion control and you can access video through your PC.

Also as someone mentioned, more that are embedded in air circulation devices, etc.
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Re: Nanny cams, information gathering - 10/06/11 09:59 AM

Thanks Monroe, I think access via your PC is a key thing to have in a camera.

EBay has a ton of Ebay Smoke Detector cameras

As a general rule, I always select lowest price to scroll down.

I buy electronic accessories from EBay sellers from China sometimes. For example I found the exact same replacement batteries for my landline phones that Uniden wanted $24 each and bought 2 for under $6.00

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Re: Nanny cams, information gathering - 10/06/11 10:23 AM

Great ideas. On to ebay to look at cams and recorders.

I will suggest to my son that he try to talk to my grandson rather than text. Hopefully, he will.


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Re: Nanny cams, information gathering - 10/06/11 12:10 PM

Hi, there is scientific data out about Texting and Thumb Issues

In changing the system with a Psychopath one must stick close to what is the truth and skirt that line not to arouse suspicion. Your son could say that he has been advised by his Dr. that he can't text for the next few months to give his thumbs a break. Tell his son that he is free to text him when he wants to talk but since he has a new boss and can't text back, he will make sure he calls him from his home or something along those lines.

Maybe send the message via text so you have it on record.

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Re: Nanny cams, information gathering - 10/07/11 07:57 AM

Great idea! I will keep you posted.

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Re: Nanny cams, information gathering - 10/19/11 04:01 PM

I buy from this site, can't beat their prices on mice etc, always free shipping. I always sort for lowest price first.

Cool Recorders
Check these out, what a great product to carry around so when you think about things you can make notes. Important to track every detail when dealing with a Psychopath. They even have cool pen recorders;)

If you ask most computer people this is a site that they recommend Tiger Direct . The owner of this companies is a marketing whiz, I picked up my laptop (full size screen and keyboard) for under $400 (normally you can expect to pay that for a "netbook" or "notebook" which is just a tiny PC, I prefer a bigger screen laptop, they came up with these notebook names when they started the tiny laptop versions). They move the merchandise so is you see a deal, it will not last long. 24/7 contact.

Most of the new computers come with Microsoft Office Starter. Unless you are planning on doing graphs and charts (and a whole lot smarter than I am;) because with the Starter you can do your basic word processing and Excel spreadsheets and you can use the Word and Excel Starter programs for free, it will likely come loaded with any new PC/laptop or ask if it is. No reason to pay around $150 for this the full Microsoft Office Software Microsoft Office - you can try it for 60 days for free software package. It was way more than I personally would ever do like graphs etc. and am quite happy saving the $150 and still having the programs.

There is an organization that has a mirror copy of Microsoft Office, don't worry it is legal platform so instead of buying the software here again you can save the software $ Open Office

Microsoft is phasing out XP so be sure to only buy a PC/laptop with Windows 7. As they phase out products they will stop continuing support or updates.

Some sites where I have downloaded programs, the acceptance box is checked for McAfee Security Software, make sure and uncheck that box. You don't need or want to run 2 security systems at once, you no longer have to buy Norton etc. You don't need/shouldn't or want to run 2 security systems at once, you no longer have to buy Norton etc. because Microsoft has a great free security download. Microsoft Safety and Security Center

C/NET Home, freeware, software and computer update information

For the max in security Firefox as your browser instead of IE, etc, it has some great features/aps, it spell checks, you can visit sites anon, block the zillions of ad companies that track your ISP etc., etc.

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Re: Nanny cams, information gathering - 07/10/12 10:53 PM

Great selection of recording devices, free shipping worldwide.

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Re: Nanny cams, information gathering - 04/15/14 10:17 AM

Thanks for the information on this. I hadn't even considered it. however, because we have vacations planned int the future, and My step daughter had a key for awhile which she could have duplicated, I had a friend install some nanny cams throughout the house.
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Re: Nanny cams, information gathering - 04/16/14 08:10 AM

Great information and thanks for sharing, things you would never think of and makes a lot of sense.