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Wi-Fi Connections - 09/03/11 12:22 PM

If you have a Wi-Fi connection at home make sure the setting is on secure, you would be surprised how many people don't. Some Wi-Fi routers come with the security set to on and many don't it is simple to make it secure. I can easily log onto ones in the neighborhood who aren't secure, lucky for them I am not a hacker cool I can see what Wi-Fi's are in the area and if they aren't secure all I have to do is hit connect and I am tagged onto their Wi-Fi.

Connecting to Wi-Fi: Safe or Sorry?

Wireless internet, casually known as Wi-Fi, can be a welcome convenience when you are on the go and need an internet connection fast. In fact, many cafés, airports, and parks offer Wi-Fi to which anyone in that area can connect without paying a fee. Some of these Wi-Fi networks are password protected, and some are not. In some cafés for example, you may have to ask an employee for the establishment’s Wi-Fi password in order to connect to it. In larger public places like airports or parks, you are more likely to be able to instantly connect.

Most Wi-Fi networks are open and unsecured, so be sure that you are connecting to the right one. Hackers may name their networks something generic and seemingly straightforward like “Free Wi-Fi” to lure people onto them. From there, they could use programs like browser hacking software and mobile hacking software to see what users are doing on their computers. They could proceed to retrieve login information for websites their victims have visited, stealing usernames and passwords from social networks or even banking sites.

Experts also agree that the most effective action you can take to secure yourself remotely or when on the go is to set up a virtual private network, or VPN. Virtual private networks (VPN) encrypt your information, whether you are at home or at a Wi-Fi hotspot that your data is made unreadable.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Using Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi networks are everywhere—in cafés, libraries, maybe even at your neighbor’s place. Although most of us have at some point jumped onto one to send a quick email or check one little thing online, using these networks, particularly if they are unprotected, can be risky. We recommend that all wireless internet users educate themselves about the dangers of Wi-Fi hacking before connecting to a free Wi-Fi network. As a starting point, here are some questions to consider:

Am I using financial information (credit card numbers, banking passwords) during this browsing session?

Am I inputting social media usernames and passwords (for example, for popular social networks) during this browsing session?

Should I be logging into this website from home, where it is safer to do so?
My Note: At home be sure your Wi-Fi is set for secure and not open.

Am I connecting to the Wi-Fi network from my phone, where I am just as susceptible to hackers?

Do I need to use specific websites that may be blocked by a free Wi-Fi network’s settings?

Can I connect to the free network immediately, or do I need to ask the establishment’s manager for a password?

Am I connecting to the official network of the area I am in, or does this seem like an imposter network named something like “Free Wi-Fi”?

What are the Wi-Fi settings on my laptop and phone? Do I automatically connect to the closest free Wi-Fi network? Do I really want this connection to happen all the time?

Do I have “sharing” enabled on my laptop?
Note: I have sharing enabled on my laptop and computer at home and am safe because my "kids" have never attended doggie computer classes. If you have multiple PC's or laptops at home you can set the settings to what you want to share and password protect your own information from family members etc.

Once you’ve answered these questions, either proceed with caution, or enjoy your latte and check your bank statement from the comfort and safety of your own home.

I would never use a Wi-Fi connection away from my home if shopping or entering my credit card information without encryption (you can set you laptop/computer to do this). I use PayPal so it goes through their secure site and every place that I buy from doesn't have my cc info. I do this at home also just so my cc info isn't in a million locations.

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How credit card theft can happen even if you think a big major company is complying with Federal Laws:

When major companies get hacked there is a coalition formed by Microsoft to NOT let the public known but they huddle together to figure out what to do. A major company who does email promos etc. for most major companies like Target etc. was hacked a few months ago, they said they only had the emails compromised but I don't necessarily believe that to be true, no expert hacker would stop at just getting email info (the money is in your financial info not your email). If you use PayPal you are safer when making online transactions. That way only they have your cc info etc. Many site will ask you if they want to keep your credit info on file and even selecting no doesn't mean anything, they still have your information.

Several months ago when I was buying some T's from Hanes for a young boy I discovered they were in violation of Federal Laws when they were processing cc information. For returns they DEMANDED that you fill out all your cc info including the CVC (the 3 numbers on the back) so when the return form went back to the warehouse there was no security from the warehouse guys just lifting your information. I gave them a run for their money by exposing them. Creeps who steal credit card information hang out in chat areas exchanging and selling numbers, the more they know the higher they sell your information. The return form for Hanes had everything so would bring the highest price to crooks. I went after them because I worry about some poor person who may need to refinance their house to survive only to find out their information had been stolen and with all the data on that form the crooks could then get other cc in your name and run up the bill. It is all done offshore so it could take years to clean up the mess.
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Yeah you are absolutely right that most people don’t have secure WIFI networks. I needed the VPN service for Netflix shows so researched a bit. Found Expressvpn netflix vpn which was promising. I got the subscription immediately. Truly it works so nicely.