Feelings, emotions

Posted by: FreeBird

Feelings, emotions - 06/05/12 02:30 PM

Hey, i just recentyl found this great blog that I wanted to share:

Its about emotions, and how to work with them, I bet many of you will find this helpful.
For me, it was amazing, coz most of the stuff thats written there Ive gone through and I can relate to that. And I agree 100% that emotions are NOT to be surpressed.

I've had a rough 3 days, stress at work and this nostalgia kept me really down. I couldnt concentrate much. I felt so lost, like I have not in a long while. But today I just let it all work itself, and it did (I've been doing this for a while - got to that which is described in the blog intuitively). I just let those emotions raise in me, and there were a lot of them, also some jealousy, which I hate, and I kept asking those questions 'why am I feeling this way?', and all of a sudden, when I just relaxed and accepted those feelings, an answer came to me, so simple and so true - 'because he treated you like [censored], and you dont mean a thing to him, and he doesnt care a single bit about you'. And it really, really set me free. I felt this enormous relief. I still feel a bit sad today, but its OK (i had a great day after work).

Sometimes I fear those answers, but they always are helpful. Just something so simple - I have every right to be sad, and even cry, and even scream about it if I have to, because I was psychologically abused by a closest person. And I WILL cry about it and I WILL be sad, for as long as it takes! And everyone who doesnt like or understands that can get the f.. out of my life because I don't need them.
I'd rather cry alone through my whole life even, than have another person tell me to 'move on'.
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Re: Feelings, emotions - 06/06/12 02:31 PM

I understand.........keep workin it girlfriend.....keep workin it......this too shall pass...we have been controlled through mental abusers. It takes a long time to recover. We were all brainwashed of sorts.....Were discovering the scary truth now and it's so....painful. One minuscule foot in front of the other....and soon you'll be taking BIG strides....towards that awesome door of complete freedom!! You're almost there!!!!
Posted by: FreeBird

Re: Feelings, emotions - 06/10/12 02:33 PM

Becky, sometimes I doubt theres freedom. Well, most of times.
I can see how this issue has an impact on me daily, it has made me stronger but it has also weakened wome parts of me that I dont see recovering.
It is like a scar on your soul, it heals, it grows new tissue, but its there, reminding you ever after:(