Hepatitis C

Posted by: FriedaB

Hepatitis C - 07/10/12 02:54 PM

My psychopath acquired Hepatitis C via dirty heroin needles. She sleeps with lots of people, and laughed heartily at the idea she could infect them also....I think this is also something to beware...
Posted by: GotMyRevenge

Re: Hepatitis C - 07/24/12 02:17 AM

Oh yes, my psychopath slept around without condoms with $5 prostitutes and random gay men. I always used condoms with him because although I wanted to believe he was faithful, I knew in the back of my mind he wasn't...
Posted by: hisonlyqueen

Re: Hepatitis C - 07/26/12 04:58 PM

You were smart Revenge girl! good for you!
Posted by: Wowser

Re: Hepatitis C - 07/22/15 03:00 AM

Dear God. I can't even deal with this scenario yet. I had had a full STD screening just a month before my romance started with Mr. Psychopath. I can't believe I am going through this again.
Posted by: Ladywolf

Re: Hepatitis C - 08/04/15 01:53 PM

Gosh, I've been so worried about this. I got so curios that I looked through his wallet and found several ads for call girls that will come to your hotel room...

This is some sick stuff.