Psychopaths in Our Lives --Available NOW

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Psychopaths in Our Lives --Available NOW - 10/06/15 02:47 PM

Hi, my book is now available on Amazon. I am unable to post the cover and back comments due to software issues, please click HERE

I hope you enjoy reading it, and then we can use this space for any discussion or comments. Amazon searches rely on feedback to be able to find my book.

CLICK here to purchase a paperback or Ebook version of my book

If you click on the above link it will take you to Amazon where you can also "Look Inside" to read excerpts.

You don't have to have a Kindle to read the Ebook version. They have a link to download to read on other devices.

I would appreciate it very much if you would post the book link to your social media groups. It doesn't matter if you have a small or large following Amazon search engine likes clicks from sites like ours.

Thank you very much in advance.


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Re: Psychopaths in Our Lives --Available NOW - 11/19/15 07:29 PM

I'm currently reading this on my tablet. It is very interesting and I'll let you know when I'm done. I'm reading it slowly and I'm trying to understand what the thought processes are from the other person's point of view. Does that make sense?
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Re: Psychopaths in Our Lives --Available NOW - 11/20/15 07:06 AM

Hi, thanks for your response. Yes, that makes perfect sense to me. That was my experience also I had to read several times because most times it an equally important matter of how they said things that really are interesting. I think that is how people get caught up when they are speaking, things make sense on one hand but really in reflection it is a different matter.

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Re: Psychopaths in Our Lives --Available NOW - 04/16/16 03:21 PM

Hi Dianne

Well done!

Its been awhile since I have been on the forum. At this point, I thought that I was immune to PPs and would have the ability to pick them out without a problem. As it turns out NOT the case. I have just been "taken" by one in a business situation. I headed back here for solace and saw your book has been published. I purchased the kindle version and read it within a day. I found it hard to put down and wish you much success. I believe that for anyone to move into a position of empowerment, you have to understand the workings of the opposition. I agree with your statement that there are far more of them out there than we have any idea of.

Thank you for your book and this forum.

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Re: Psychopaths in Our Lives --Available NOW - 04/17/16 05:07 PM

Hi newtothistuff, thanks a million for your positive feedback. I would appreciate it very much if you could provide feedback on Amazon, it is taking awhile to get reviews and sales I think mainly because this is a new approach and doesn't either focus on serial killers or use "composite" characters. Frankly I didn't know going into it if I would learn much after so many years from the victims side so I am glad you also found it helpful.

I honestly think the ones out there are more prolific in lives they ruin than any serial killer I have read about.

My hope is that by seeing how and what they think about their victims it will make it easier to hang up the phone. Are you currently still working with this person? The guy I interviewed "Bill" who talked about work really gave me the chills. Well actually all three of them did. He was so calculated with how he got rid of that woman I wished I knew who she was to offer her support. What a horrible thing, no normal person could stay awake long enough to dream up the tricks these guys pull.

Many things I have wondered about over the years got cleared up for me. I was not sure about the relationship with their families and over the years many victims stated that they were told the person they were with was evil (by the psychopath themselves) and these very important red flags seemed to always get brushed aside as just kidding. After reflecting I think it is because people want to see the good and even when given direct information have a hard time believing in evil.

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Re: Psychopaths in Our Lives --Available NOW - 05/04/16 04:24 AM

Quotes from the back cover:

Psychopaths In Our Lives
My Interviews

“Dianne Emerson provides readers with the rare opportunity to enter the personal lives of three male psychopaths through their own words. Through the careful organization of their everyday stories of who, what, when and where, Emerson ultimately provides the building blocks for readers to understand why these individuals do what they do. Without such stories, there is little hope for understanding.”
Carl B. Gacono, Ph.D. & Aaron J. Kivisto, Ph.D.

“You will have a glimpse into the mind of the everyday psychopath, the one for whom you may work, the one whom you may run into in the grocery store or at the gym, or possibly the one with whom you live.” — Dianne Emerson

Quotes from the interviewed psychopaths:

“The person you need me to be in order to trust, confide in, support and promote is the person I will become. Being free of unpredictable emotional reactions and guilt, I am free to be whatever, whenever and then change that when necessary…” — “Bill”

“I was 11 when I knew I was not like other people because I saw someone die in front of me, and then everyone was so upset about it, and I didn't see why.” — “Steve”

“You don’t loudly sigh with boredom at a funeral. You probably don’t feel bored at a funeral. I do. Exceptionally so. And I suppose I may sometimes forget myself without realizing. There have been many occasions where people have been looking at me oddly for reasons unclear to me.” — Fred
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Re: Psychopaths in Our Lives --Available NOW - 05/11/16 01:34 PM

I did a new radio interview last night.

Radio Interview
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Re: Psychopaths in Our Lives --Available NOW - 06/26/16 04:14 PM

This is from an interview with a large Phoenix radio station KFNX Phoenix Radio
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Re: Psychopaths in Our Lives --Available NOW - 11/17/16 11:40 AM

Just listening to your interview. Thought it was excellent - well done smile
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Re: Psychopaths in Our Lives --Available NOW - 11/17/16 01:28 PM

Thanks Mazda, I just did an interview with Jim Harold who is a great interviewer.

Jim Harold Interview